mira lanz

work is not linear. it has taken me some time to understand  that.  my  name  is mira lanz, i like to think of myself as easygoing, but the plain truth is i  am not when it comes to my work. but i’m learning from that. i had a    hard    time figuring out the best way to articulate this website, that  accumulates all   the multi-disiplinary pieces i’ve done, interests i’ve had,  moments  i’ve  hated,  and moments i’ve loved, but nevertheless have my appreciation  even though i  may no longer be in the same space with them anymore. i will have  more  minutes to think about more things and come back to see  if  this still “fits”. this is where we are at right now. a part of this may be different  in  a  month, but by then i’ll be  a month older than i am now.
same        goes             for                      you.

this page is entitled HOME. it’s the precursor to the content that will follow.

my interests have ranged from

the best way to describe this is through visual representations. like this arrow situation above.

or with a map.



(here is the formal)

Mira Lanz (Los Angeles, California) is a multi-displinary visual artist that emphasizes consciousness and confrontation through diaristic and abstract forms. Lanz considers her practice a map of exploration, not always linear in trajectory but rather dissecting curiosity and societal staples alike. Her practice currently examines ceramics and it’s connections to the theory of resilience and abilities of the body. While mirroring similar concepts of one another, the dichotomy between Lanz’s sculptural and digital works are seen as a analysis of “two-ness”, offering one another a counterbalance in perspective. Lanz acquired her Undergraduate Degree in Fine Art at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, in Spring of 2021.   


(here is the informal)

to put it vaguely, i love comparisons, connections, and curiosity. we are all drawn to navigate and understand our lives through work and through meaning. i started as a painter that hated ceramics and now i am a ceramicist that no longer paints. my practice has been an ongoing journey of self identity, trotting through tribulations to confront ideas and find conclusions. more importantly, it aims to stay connected and always be in relation to something other than myself. whether that means another perspective, or viewpoint, or you. one idea of one topic is just as big as the five others circling around it. the conversation that happens in those spaces is what i look forward to finding. experiences are happening but the talks about them aren’t often enough. let’s talk the way we talk to ourselves about ______________. (insert your own topic of interest).


“two-ness” has been described on psychological terms, as well as societal. And to me, it fits best for this push and pull, tug of war cycle that seems to be tethered to my practice, as well as myself. I’ve admitted the struggles in balancing this, I’ve been often left confused on where my voice really lands or how best to even describe what it is that I do, as there’s never been no one thing. I don’t think I am special in that way, but it’s just something I’ve noticed and it’s popped up enough lately for me to feel the need to jot this down to you. This is one philosophy I’ve learned about myself and my work. 



Whatever It’s Worth, 2019.
what does it mean to redact? what does it mean to conflate perspectives into a dynamic narrative? stemmed from a personal abusive experience, i became interested in channels of different voices creating seperate narratives. the viewer creates the experience based on active spectatorship on language. 

In Response, 2019.



    1. A list of five emotions will be told to the subject, having no prior knowledge of them.
    2. Subjects digest and think of each specific word as authentically as possible while photos               are taken.
    3. “Out of the five words, which did you resonate with the most?” will be asked.
    4. Subjects pick one and explain why.

Open Diaries served as an experimentation of curiosity, designed to evoke certain emotions and photograph them. This is a digital work consisting of photographs of several subject's faces and the transcribed conversations of their thoughts written down onto a yellow journal page. These participants were invited to react to a set of emotions, [Ecstatic, Anger, Detached, Peaceful.] and be photographed upon their reflections/reactions to each one at a time. Afterwards, they have full rein in picking one emotion that stuck out to them the most and speaking on a specific moment they remember in regards to it.  While I can understand the adjustment of having to digest each word, with no amount of prior preparation or knowledge, I had found a genuine shyness to the act of expressing. There was uncomfortability in seeming letting oneself engage in emotional expression.

a walk inside your mind

vhs documentation of continued quarantine and the last months of 2020.

video: Marina Lluch
video/editing: Mira Lanz
music: cortex / chanson d’un hour d’hiver

lola, 2019

describes the reminiscent effects of a specific caregiving routine after it is no longer needed or required. explores internal struggle and coping strategies as stages of grief take place.

bloody burger, 2019

unravels the reality of diet shaming and unwarranted criticism within a young, ill fit relationship.

manner of mind, 2019

human nature, habits, and routines. ways of living and being are explored within this film, and project the ideas of self analysis and introspection.