lazarette (n)

1: an institution (such as a hospital) for those with contagious diseases
2: a building or a ship used for detention in quarantine

lazarette is a confessional video piece that unravels the physical and mental process of someone coping with postive covid-19 test results. This work address concerns of struggle and anxiety as it relates to the documentation and first hand experience involving isolation and the virus.

lola, 2019

describes the reminiscent effects of a specific caregiving routine after it is no longer needed or required. explores internal struggle and coping strategies as stages of grief take place.

bloody burger, 2019

unravels the reality of diet shaming and unwarranted criticism within a young, ill fit relationship.

manner of mind, 2019

human nature, habits, and routines. ways of living and being are explored within this film, and project the ideas of self analysis and introspection.