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                      2021 (UPCOMING)

I’ve recently discovered the art of complaining. not in the annoying sense (well, maybe) but more so the idea of genuine expression of annoyance. I have found that within my ceramic practice, I hold onto the narrative of control and perfection. Which is silly, for starters. I have accumulated an astounding array of works that I do not like and Marie Kondo can attest does not bring joy and I still keep them around. I have wondered why and now it’s on this platform. I like the idea of struggle and the idea of being bothered over the obscene and the small. Hopefully it can bring some laughs and showcases the consciousness and definitive actions that go behind works that are seemingly “finished”.

EBB & FLOW was a digital exhibition space consisting of intimate sound pieces and a multi-disciplinary photo series displaying bodily and spatial relations. This exhibition examines the idea of resilience, stemming from Lanz’s personal reflections on the adaptive abilities of the body, and precarious nature of mortality. Lanz’s humorous familial phone calls, including discussions on various elderly ailments as well as medical recordings pertaining to the artist’s own virus diagnosis in early 2020, layer together to form the sound pieces.


Open Diaries

21 handbuilt plates to represents the age i was during this project. every plate, while cohesive in glaze, has a specific message pertaining to personal and societal problems.

Viewers were given blank plates, invited to write their own message, and left to handle the plate however they wanted.

        breaking/keeping/hugging all allowed.


This series entangled itself within the senses of the body and the potiential temporality of clay in nature and form.

Prompts were placed with each piece, inviting the viewers to handle and interact with every piece in a specific way.

Look Through, Smash, Jump Over, Shake and Listen.

mira lanz

work is not linear. it has taken me some time to understand  that.  my  name  is mira lanz, i like to think of myself as easygoing, but the plain truth is i  am not when it comes to my work. but i’m learning from that. i had a    hard    time figuring out the best way to articulate this website, that  accumulates all   the multi-disiplinary pieces i’ve done, interests i’ve had,  moments  i’ve  hated,  and moments i’ve loved, but nevertheless have my appreciation  even though i  may no longer be in the same space with them anymore. i will have  more  minutes to think about more things and come back to see  if  this still “fits”. this is where we are at right now. a part of this may be different  in  a  month, but by then i’ll be  a month older than i am now.
same        goes             for                      you.

this page is entitled HOME. it’s the precursor to the content that will follow.

my interests have ranged from

the best way to describe this is through visual representations. like this arrow situation above.

or with a map.