mira lanz

work is not linear. it has taken me some time to understand  that.  my  name  is mira lanz, i like to think of myself as easygoing, but the plain truth is i  am not when it comes to my work. but i’m learning from that. i had a    hard    time figuring out the best way to articulate this website, that  accumulates all   the multi-disiplinary pieces i’ve done, interests i’ve had,  moments  i’ve  hated,  and moments i’ve loved, but nevertheless have my appreciation  even though i  may no longer be in the same space with them anymore. i will have  more  minutes to think about more things and come back to see  if  this still “fits”. this is where we are at right now. a part of this may be different  in  a  month, but by then i’ll be  a month older than i am now.
same        goes             for                      you.

this page is entitled HOME. it’s the precursor to the content that will follow.

my interests have ranged from

the best way to describe this is through visual representations. like this arrow situation above.

or with a map.


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